Space-i considers the proper protection of information that could personally identify clients (below “personal information”) to be a social responsibility and takes the following measures to protect it.
Space-i Corporation properly manages the personal information of its clients based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS Q 15001: 2006).

1Use of personal information

Space-i uses the personal information offered by its clients in order to fulfill our
contractual obligations to our clients, in order to develop superior products and
services, in order to deliver useful information to clients, and other appropriate reasons alone.

2Security Measures

Space-i takes reasonable measures to prevent the inappropriate access to, loss of, forgery of, or leak of personal information. Space-i responds to questions and complaints concerning personal information.

3Strictly abides

Space-i strictly abides by the policy of Japanese government that concerns the protection of the personal information.

4protection of the personal information

Space-i enacts the policy that concerns the protection of the personal information of its clients and continually revises the policy toward its improvement with the regular
internal inspection system.